Equanimity Financial Partners & You

Our form is corporate, but our attitude is partnership. We think of our clients as owner-partners and of ourselves as managing partners. We invest alongside our clients and would not recommend investments we are not willing to own.

A Plan That's True

In order to serve as  thoughtful stewards of your savings and capital, we must first seek to  learn what are the things that bring you peace and joy. Understanding the elements of your well-being allows us to ask how we might preserve or enhance this.

Investment Planning & Portfolio Management

Cultivating success in any endeavor requires cultivation of the right habits. Habits of thought and habits of action which are suited to the challenges at hand. Sure, a little luck is nice, too.

Risk Management in Life & Investing

Management of risks — investing based upon probabilities, rather than desired outcomes — is necessary for avoiding costly mistakes, preserving capital, and for investment success over time.